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Forge Your Destiny in a Tactical Mech-Based Indie Adventure!

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Tactical Mech Combat

Command and Control

Lead a squad of up to 12 mechs into strategic combat. Make every decision count in diverse missions to shape your mercenary company's future.

Scrap and Salvage

Salvage and Scrap

Turn the tide of war by salvaging enemy wrecks. Enhance your mechs with acquired technology for superior firepower and unique abilities.

Explore and Negotiate

Explore and EARN!

Discover the planets of the Core, secure contracts, and navigate political intrigue. Your strategic choices forge the path to glory.

The Universe of MetalMercs

Jada Lytherius
Mechs in a River

MetalMercs takes place in the Core, an expansive region of space governed by five dominant houses. While these houses are ostensibly united under the Star Regent's leadership, their alliances are tenuous at best. Behind a facade of unity, the houses and their leaders engage in a relentless struggle for dominance. Power plays, betrayals, raids, and outright warfare are rampant, growing ever more frequent and intense the farther one ventures from the central worlds, beyond the Star Regent's vigilant gaze.

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